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We Need Your Help!

Do you work in a technical, building or mechanical trade? Or know someone who does?


If you've checked out our manifesto or looked at some of our products, you know that recycling and reusing is sort of a big deal to us. Unfortunately, although our current stockpile is fairly large, it is diminishing quickly so we're always looking for new sources of materials.


We will happily pay for those bits and pieces of materials that you have left over after a job.


In particular, we are looking for:


  • Copper pipe, wire and sheet

  • Brass pipe and sheet

  • Aluminum wire, pipe and sheet

  • Stainless steel wire

  • Printed circuit boards (PCBs) and other computer/ machine parts

  • Clockwork, gears, similar odds & ends

  • Old pieces of hardware or tools (gauges, locks & keys, precision tools

  • Washers (copper, brass, steel, whatever)

  • Electric motors


If you think you have something that might be of use to us, please send us an e-mail!

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