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I tend to dabble in a lot of different mediums; I don't mind admitting that I suffer from the problem of wanting to try, well, more or less everything.


Above all else, though, I consider myself to be primarily a jewellery-maker and, more specifically, a metalsmith. I love to work metals and combine them with other materials to produce unique pieces.


I'm inspired by all kinds of things; in particular, I'm fascinated by machinery and by nature and, especially, by the juxtaposition of and interplay between those two things.


My style, like my choice of medium, tends to be pretty broad. I like to create shiny, elegant pieces and silly, pop-culture inspired pieces (yeah, I'm a huge nerd) and complicated steampunk pieces but, most of all, I like to create pieces that look a little used. I never get tired of that organic, distressed, 'broken in' look and I hope that you won't either!





This is the toy

I like to create in a variety of mediums, but my absolute favourite of all is yarn. If you've already browsed the site, you may have noticed that we don't have a tonne of yarn products, but we are gradually increasing our wire-knit product line.


Although Luke does most of the hands-on work for our jewellery, many of our designs are mine or are a collaborative effort.

This is the toy
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